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We specialize in international transport. We provide fast, timely and safe transport mainly in Germany, France and the Netherlands and the UK. We have vehicles with capacities of 1000 kg, 2.5 t, 24 t and cubature of 27 to 120 m3. All vehicles included in our fleet are modern vehicles with EURO 5 and 6 emission certificates, equipped with XL certificates, sliding roofs and complete aluminum decking. In our fleet there is also a vehicle equipped with a chiller, so-called Dopplestock, intended for carriage of perishable and frozen products. Thanks to the use of vehicle monitoring and control devices, we have full knowledge of the current location of each vehicle. The goods we carry are covered by the OCP carrier's liability insurance of 300,000 eur and are equipped with devices to protect the security of the entrusted cargo.

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